DeadPool - The Most Awkward Two Hours of My Life

I adore movies. This was not a movie. It appeared to not know what it was. A parody? An action flick? A love story? A superhero... or a movie about someone with super powers? Like I don't know and neither did Deadpool.

First off, I had to miss like 15 minutes of the movie due to car accidents. My PTSD would not allow me to watch or I would have a panic attack, so my eyes and ears were shut.

Second, kinda wish I had my eyes shut for the rest of the movie too. Some parts were funny, mostly is was gross and awkward. Like 14 year old boy humor and actions. I loved the superhero/action parts of the movie. The love story was weird too, but it was their story so it was kind of cute. Deadpool's sarcasm was pretty funny. What wasn't funny was his ability to be a big d bag and his potty humor. How about you grow up? If you must see it wait for the dollar movies, or the like $2.75 movies. The best thing about this movie was the popcorn that I had.