A New Site, A New Sound, and A Warm Welcome

Hi my lovely readers. We have one more change to my little corner of the blogosphere. Last time we chatted, which was a bit ago, I told you about finding my purpose. (Read it Here: The Moment When I Found My Purpose.) I have decided that I am going to be your big sister. 

Whhhhaaaaattt?? Hear me out. I already have 5 siblings, 4 of whom are my younger siblings. I receive presents on Mother's Day and occasionally get called "mom" on accident. According to those precious gems, I also dress like a Cool Mom. I will take it. As the first child to get married, buy a house, move out, etc my husband and I have been forging our own path with little to no guidance. As much as I loooove my husband and lean on him, sometimes you just need an older sister to use as a sounding board. So while I may not have that, I can fill those shoes for someone else. 

I am a giver. I love giving presents, advice, help. 

And I want to share that with you. 

I am going to do a mini series on weddings. Because, well, one I want to and two I just got married! I am about a month and a few days into the married life and I have learned a thing or two along the way about weddings and marriage in general. 

Stay tuned!!