My Easy Work Wear Formula

I am like a semi  - planner. I like to know what to expect. I don't necessarily need specifics, but I do need the spark notes version. For instance I don't need to know that I am wearing red on Tuesday (although pink on Wednesdays is a given) but I do need to know what I am doing so I can dress for it. My work randomly has on site events that range from a food eating relay to corn hole to basketball. While it is super fun and they do give us a heads up, those are things I need to keep in mind. Also New Mexico has the most ridiculous weather and we can have all four seasons on any given day. My motto is always be prepared! And I sing "be prepared" to the tune of Scar's solo in the Lion King, just so we are all on the same page. 

My company has also allowed us to wear jeans whenever we desire. On one hand this is awesome because who doesn't like jeans?? But on the other hand I am the laziest dresser ever now! I don't feel as put together as I could be. I usually wear flats to work because I take the stairs every day so that my bagel calories don't count. I have put together a really easy uniform for work. This allows me to quickly put them out the night before or grab them in the mornings. 

Step 1: Bottoms

I always start with my bottoms. I wear a mix of jeans and slacks depending on whether my slacks are ironed or not (usually not). I have had good luck with Express, Lucky Brand, and J. Crew jeans. They seem to fit me the best.  I have Latina hips and booty, long legs, and a tiny waist. Which sounds way cooler than it is.I just bought a few pairs of Loft and Ann Taylor slacks and they fit awesome. I can't buy pants online since I have to try them on. I don't buy patterned pants, unless the pattern is very subtle. 



 Skirts are sooo much fun and are so versatile. I am a fan of all types of skirts. I love to get skirts that have patterns. But really I never turn down a solid either, especially when it has a fun fabric like lace or tulle! 

Step 2: Tops 

I love tops, and yet I never seem to have enough or the right type and, I am usually fairly covered up. Higher neck lines, camis, and sweaters/jackets are a super helpful when keeping things professional. If the top is sleeveless I will always wear a sweater or jacket over it to work. I do not think spaghetti, strapless, or even the thicker strapped tops are work appropriate. I feel like work should follow the same general guidelines as church. I do love buying patterned shirts. Nothing too intense though, and I usually stick to more neutral shades. 

Step 3: Shoes 

Need I say more? Didn't think so! 


Wearing a dress can take the place of steps one and two. It is both top and bottom, clearly. Slip on some shoes, throw on a sweater if necessary and you're good to go! 

I hope this helps make getting ready for work a bit easier! It has also really helped me shop. Since the work week is unfortunately longer than the weekends, this is the area of focus when I go shopping. Some of the pieces do work in a more casual setting, so long as you don't mind being a bit dressier.