My Latest Adventure - Lipsense!!

Ugh I knowwwwww...... I added all my lady friends to yet another facebook group selling something. And yesssssssss, it could kind of look like all the other sales gimmicks out there, but it totally isnt. Andd yes, I also know that those pyramid schemes also tell you that, but hear me out.

About 3 weeks ago I was approached by the nicest lady to test a product. She offered to send me two colors, Oops! remover, and the glossy gloss to test.

I was to share pictures of me wearing them online - which I now realized that I didn't quite do. It's actually the only lipstick I have worn since I have had them in my possession so they are in all of my most recent insta pics, but I have been too busy stalking her facebook page and ordering new colors to shout her out. It slipped my mind, I am soo sorry Emily!!! But I also think Emily owes my fiance and I an apology too because I am soooo obsessed and she has sent me down a path from which I will never return. haha Seriously though, these are amazing!! And I want to thank her for the introduction. 

This is literally me now....

This is literally me now....

My love for lipstick started when I was quite young. I used to dance and looooovvved wearing this bright red lipstick for performances. I grew up hearing about my grandma asking my mom if her "lips were on". Even if my mom didnt wear a stitch of make up, she always wore her "lips". I am really not very good with the nuances of make up, but lipstick is so dang easy to apply and the shades are so fab that it quickly became my favorite make up product. I went from wearing drug store lipsticks to Marc Jacobs, Chanel, and Bite, etc once I got a job. I just love it. 

Lipsticks make me feel confident and put together. I haaaatttteee that it comes off so easily and that I am constantly reapplying it. My purses are littered with tubes and tubes because they don't last very long, and they come off on everything. You guys have all seen my super hot fiance and kissing him is one of my favorite pastimes. Except... he HATES when I am wearing lipstick because it gets all over him and then he has this awful smudge(s) on his face. And my careful application is goooonnne because it is smudged on me too! 

Both Shyler and I have been over the moon with Lipsense. I loooovvve the shades and I also love that you can layer the colors to create custom shades. There is a Lipsense shade for every occasion, and every lipstick shade from those other people. He loves that we can kiss and he doesn't have to be terrified of lip prints on him. We both really like the pricing too. I get a better value on these lipsticks than I ever did on the other ones I would use. I have tried a ton of different brands, such as the ones shown above, and a bunch of "higher" end ones too. They never worked or flaked or just looked super weird.  I wasted a ton of money on various "long lasting" products that never lived up to their name. 

So as you can see I am soo in love with this product and it actually works, that I decided to sell it. It looks amazing on all skin tones, and is easy enough for even me to use correctly. If you want more info or want to purchase, send me an email or join my facebook group! There is a 100% money back guarantee if you don't like it, but I know you will!