My Latest Reading Obsession - Emma Lea

I have been sadly remiss in my little book review corner. It isn't because I haven't been reading or I haven't read anything worth writing about. It is actually the exact opposite. You all know i am obsessed with my Kindle and literally never go anywhere without it. In fact it is one of two things that gets me through a gym session. I read about 3-4 books a weeks. Lately I have been in a period of transition professionally so that has jumped to about 5-6 books a week.

I don't recall how I stumbled upon the lovely Emma Lea, but I do know that I am obsessed. I have cruised through 2 series, and am halfway through a third. I also read a stand alone novel. She even answered me on Instagram and I kind of fangirled. Emma writes adorable romances that run the gamut of "sweet romance" to "too hot to handle".  She is a bit wonky because she has her seasons confused, her Christmas novels have it set in the summer! (jk she is from Australia, so December is summer!!) I try really hard to read them in an Australian accent, but I am not that talented. I love that her books hit a ton of my interest: there are queens, myths, business savvy ladies. and romance. I love love and these books are right up my alley. 

Love, Money & Shoes Series 

I fell in love with this series. There are 5 books out so far and two side stories. It follows the lives of the Donovan and McKenzie families. Her gentleman are dreamy and romantic. They're flawed though which makes them that much better. Her heroines are self sufficient, stunning, come in all shapes and sizes, and are flawed as well. I completely adore that no one in her novels are always at their best, and almost all of their problems are solved by communication. Which is really one of the key components of a rela. If you can't communicate, why are you together? I digress. I love this world, and I can't wait for more novels! 

The Young Royals

This is the OG series only because it is the first one I read. It actually came out last year. There are 3 books out thus far. They're really sweet and appropriate for all ages. This series is about the newly crowned queen of a fictional country and her ladies in waiting as they find their place in the new court and find the loves of their lives. It was such fun to read and so cute. It fulfilled my princess dreams! 

Broken Arrow Trilogy 

I just started this series and am about halfway through the second book.  Loosely based of several myths, Emma has created a unique story about Aros and Contessa, star crossed lovers who are cursed by an angry immortal. Their lives are intertwined with some others in current time. I am anxious to finish so I can know how it all ends, but I also don't because I am really enjoying this trilogy! 

Twelve Days of Christmas

This is a his and hers story about a mysterious toy benefactor, a cranky journalist, and some red hot romance. I love reading from both point of views and neither book disappointed. It is so important to put yourself in someone else's shoes and get all the story before jumping to conclusions. 

Amnesia, TGIF Series, Learning to Breathe, & The Young Billionaires

I have not had the pleasure of reading these series, but you can bet they're all on my Kindle just waiting for their shot. Amnesia is about a girl who woke up from a medical coma with no memory of the trauma and someone else's liver in her body. I don't know if my PTSD is triggered  by reading about car accidents, but this one has something to do with an accident so we shall see!  The TGIF series is about three romances involving a ballerina, a PA, and best friends. I can't wait to read! Learning to Breathe appears to be a single book about a girl from an alternative community, and a guy from one of the most well to do families in Sydney.  Last, but not least is the Young Billionaires. This is under the "too hot to handle" so I can only assume it is rather steamy! The three books follow 3 friends who are not interested in love until they find the one person who can make them change their mind. 

Emma Lea is lovely and marvelous and I can't wait to finish my binge. She put out a book a month last year, which is truly amazing and I for one am immensely grateful! She juggles many plates including: mom, wife, writer, business owner, cook, and artist. This quote is from her site, and it really resonates: 

I love to read.  Reading has been my escape, my safe place.  My earliest memories are of reading and it is the one thing that has always brought me happiness when nothing else could.  Now I write stories and hope that when people read them that they can find an escape, a safe place and a little moment of happiness when they need it.