True Love Isn't Easy, But It Is Soooo Worth It

There is much to be said about relationships and love, both good and bad.  I am definitely a romantic. Part of it is my Libra side, but a lot of it comes from reading. I love tales of romance and adventure. I adore when the hero or heroine falls in love, overcomes adversity, and then they ride off into the sunset for more adventures and obviously everything is super easy after that.

I think what I love most about it though is that these people choose each other, continually. Family is stuck with you, they had no choice in the matter, but, and this is where it gets kind of weird, true love has both a choice and no choice at all.  My heart and soul had absolutely no choice in finding S, but we choose to find a balance and we choose our relationship. I feel like God meant for us to be together to grow and challenge each other. The yang to my yin, he is my opposite in almost every way. He is my perfect counterpoint in all things. We have very different views on some things, and then come together for others. Almost since the first time we met, we recognized those differences and it made everything exciting but also challenging.


The key to making it work is finding a balance and choosing to work at it every single day. I am so very messy until I decide to do this huge cleaning all at once. He is sooo neat and would much rather just be efficient and clean as he goes along rather than letting it sit. I have learned to try to pick things up as I see them. Fiancé has become a bit more relaxed, and doesn’t get as frustrated when I leave things out. I am all about treating yo self and he is much more rigid. I am totally fine with buying that Tory Burch bag because I got new job (or because I had a bad day), while he would rather save and invest. Again, balance and finding a common ground. 

I made no secret of my anxiety and such from the very first and he is always very aware of my triggers and is always protecting me, which is another amazing aspect of having a soulmate. He is my calm in the storm, but he also doesn’t let me get complacent. He is always encouraging me to take charge of my feelings and recognize that I am ok. I have made some amazing progress with him by my side and couldn’t be more thankful. 

We also introduce each other to new activities. If you know me at all you know that I am the least outdoorsy person ever. Like ever. Fiancé on the other hand loves to hunt and fish and hike. I had never done any of those things before, in fact I actively avoided the outside. Bugs and fish freak me out, and deer are our friends. Fiancé showed me the beauty of outside, and how peaceful fishing can be. He makes sure to teach me and involve me in different processes too which is super fun. I learned how to cast a reel and that I am actually really good at finding deer. I introduced him to ballets and operas. He doesn’t like them, but he goes for me. We may not enjoy what the other does for fun, but we try it out and support them. I also may or may not have taken down a (fake) elk with the help of a friend and some bows and arrows! 

Of course it isn’t all work, we love to travel, play golf, and just be with each other. There is nothing I love more than lazy weekend mornings just cuddling on the couch with breakfast and our coffee. I can read or watch TV with him. He spoils me constantly and we try our best to do cute things for each other. We don’t always like each other, but we are always very much in love with each other and that makes all the difference.