Queen of the Jungle at Elephant Bar

The Beginning 

A few weeks ago I was invited to Elephant Bar for a media night. I was soooo excited because this was the first local event I had ever been invited to, plus it is Elephant Bar!!  I was allowed to bring a guest so my fabulous fiance got to share in the experience. Needless to say I told anyone who would listen about the invite, and everyone was super excited for the event to arrive because I repeated myself about 20 times. I couldn't help it, little old me was invited for hors d'oeuvres and drinks for a media night!!! I have to thank everyone who let me brag, it was so sweet that you were genuinely excited for me. They also included a few things for my lovely readers, so hang in there until the end!

The Big Night

Finally, Wednesday night arrived. I love my job but the day was dragging! I was also freaking out about what to wear. I can never ever look nice when I need to, but on that random Tuesday like 4 months ago I was stylin. I changed outfits a few times and finally ended up in a bell sleeve dress with fall florals and high heels. I was instructed to let them know my name and blog name upon arrival. We walked in after the door was opened for us, and I said "hi, we are here for media night" and the hostess knew my name!!!!!!! She said "Ariel?! Right this way!!" So pumped, we were clearly already off to an amazing start. And honestly, Elephant Bar outdid itself.  We were sent to a little raised area, corner booth, and there was a reserved sign with my name and blog name. It was seriously so cute, and made us feel incredibly special. Our waitress dropped off menus and a manager stopped by to tell us everything was completely on the house and to try as much as we wanted. I was shocked, that was beyond generous, I was pumped  with just the appetizers!

The Service

Let me just take some time out here, before I delve into the amazing food to give a shout out to Catherine (our waitress), Sarah (the general manager), and Kari (Front of House Development Specialist). They made our night incredible. I can't begin to thank them. We were utterly and completely spoiled, and have never had better service anywhere. Any. Where. The kitchen manager even came by to make sure everything was yummy. The service was just above and beyond, and we are so appreciative. 

The Atmosphere

Like I said, we were spoiled before we could even try to open the door ourselves. We were given a corner booth looking out to the west side. We had a gorgeous view of the sunset, and our booth was kind of tucked away which gave us some privacy. The restaurant is tastefully done in safari theme, but never makes you feel like you should have worn your safari gear. It was very elegant.  

The Food 

Now to the food. I don't even know where to start. Let me preface this by letting you know that I am not picky, just very selective. I usually have a hard time ordering because I can't find anything I really like, but I had the opposite problem here. I wanted EVERYTHING. There was mac and cheese, fish and chips, delectable salads, roast with mashed potatoes, teriyaki chicken, steaks. It was endless, but not in an overwhelming way. Everything just looked that good. I am on a diet (more about that later) but I am given a "cheat night". Even if I hadn't been, there were so many healthy options that I would not have felt like I missed out if I had stuck to the meal plan. Since it was a reward meal, however, I indulged (and still felt pretty good about our choices!!)  We got two shareables: Tempura Salmon Roll and Potato Skins with Buffalo Chicken. There were soooo good and good sized too! They both tasted amazing, and I even ate a potato skin with the buffalo chicken. Quite a feat since spicy isn't my thing. It was actually really good though, enough spice to be tasty but not so much that it took away the flavor of everything else. Fiance also ordered a side ceasar salad, which as you can see was huge! I love that the portion sizes were so generous. I also loved the prices, we got a lot of food for a reasonable amount. I finally chose the Crispy Teriyaki Chicken with their vegetable fried rice and S got the Cowboy Ribeye. Again, just so good!! I had a grand time with the chopsticks too, which were another fun touch! I don't know how we managed, but we ordered the Gooey Butter Cake for dessert. Oh. My. Gosh. Dessert is my thing and this was just.. I don't know. Magnificent. Amazing. This is a verbatim quote from the night from me to fiance,

I love you, but I want to marry    this cake!

It was just that good. 

The Drinks

And the night does not end there!! Oh no, when I said we were spoiled I was not exaggerating. I had the Agave Margarita, so yummy. I also tried the Danny Ocean which had George Clooney's tequila. Delish! Fiance had the Winston Churchill, another win. But the pièce de ré·sis·tance was the Jack Sparrow. We tried it exactly how it is on the menu and then we were told to try it with Zaya rum from Barbados. Both were super good, fiance was partial to the original, but I was a fan of the upgrade to Zaya rum. It was crazy how smooth it was plus vanilla-y, chocolate-y and so good!

Your Turn!

Now, my dear reader since you've stuck with me while I filled you in on our fabulous night, it's your turn to be spoiled by the amazing people at Elephant Bar. I was given three $25 gift cards for three winners! All you have to do is subscribe, I will only email when occasionally, and leave me a comment below with your email. That's it! I will leave this contest open until October 3rd (my birthday) and then pick three winners!! Good luck and thank you for reading!! Must be 18 or older to enter, open to residents in CA, NV, NM, CO and MO. Not valid on alcoholic beverages. One winner per card. I will contact the winner on October 4th via email.