The Best Engagement Story Ever: A Hawaiian Adventure

As usual I am way behind, but I have to share our Hawaiian engagement story, it is pretty awesome - if I do say so myself!! This story actually begins in 2015 when boyfriend entered to win a 4 day trip to Hawaii. He worked his butt off, staying until 8 or 9 most nights to make sure he won. His hard work paid off and he was awarded a coveted spot on the trip. Only 15 people in his tenure class were able to go, so huge props to him for kicking butt and taking names. We figured since we were going, we may as well stay longer. We ended up being out there for 13 days and visited Maui and Oahu. 


We left NM at 5 in the morning and after a brief stop in LA, we made it to Hawaii around 11 am. Boyfriend bought us leis at the airport and they were stunning! I was sooo excited, I couldn't believe we were finally there.

We made our way to the Grand Wailea resort. It was easily the most stunning hotel I had ever seen, and the quintessential tropical oasis. We settled into our room and promptly took a nap. I woke up to see boyfriend writing me a note, apparently his company was having a quick, unplanned meeting and he would be back. We were supposed to have dinner onsite at 7 and I planned on sleeping until the very last second.  Boyfriend came back around 4 and wanted to get ready and walk along the beach before dinner. I was not having it! I was so sleepy and the plane rides were super lame. But he reminded me that we were in MAUI!! and needed to take advantage. Fiiiineeee. We got all ready to go and the he insisted on running back to our room to grab me a jacket. I am perpetually cold, but it was soo flipping hot. I didn't have the heart to argue with him since he was just taking care of me. After a million hours he came back with my Eddie Bauer jacket.

We walked down to the beach where I made him take about a million pictures of my new dress. We started walking and I took off to the left. He told me we needed to walk to the right because it was "less crowded". I looked at him like he was crazy, both sides were equally crowded. We walked along the stunning beach. I was so happy to be there with the love of my life, who made it possible with his hard work. He asked me to write him a message in the sand. I tried being cute and wrote "you're my soul". The sand wasn't cooperating though so it was hard to read. When I looked up, boyfriend had his back turned to me and wasn't even paying attention!! I was pretty annoyed. We kept walking, talking, kissing, and cuddling just enjoying being with each in this stunning place. 


I really dislike seagulls because they always eat my food. As we were walking boyfriend said he saw a seagull "over there" and for some reason I decided I needed to see this seagull for myself so I took off after it. Boyfriend said "hey babe" and........ as I turned around I saw him down on one knee with a ring box. I was (and still am) completely in shock. I had wanted it to happen, but I also didn't want to be disappointed if he didn't propose, so I tried my best not to think about it. 

This was one of the most perfect moments in my life. I knew he was The One, my yang, and my future. There is no one I would rather have who would be there for me and with me through thick and thin forever. My ring is absolutely stunning. I know that most girls have their ring style picked out since they knew what a ring was, but I am so indecisive and there are so many options that I didn't really think about it. Plus I knew when I met The One, he would know what ring was perfect without any input from me. Although I tried keeping an eye out for clues, I couldn't find any. In retrospect I am very glad that he took the time to plan everything perfectly, ask my parents for their blessing, and surprise me. That was his huge thing, he didn't want me to know it was coming and he definitely succeeded. 

His business meeting turned out to be a quick meeting with the photographer that he hired to capture this perfect moment. He went back to get my jacket to grab the ring as well. He ended up dropping the ring as I was taking my seagull!  This entire trip was amazing with my fiance!

A little over two months and I am still in awe of how perfect this was. I am definitely so incredibly blessed to have someone who loves me unconditionally, will do whatever it takes to give me a dream engagement and makes my dreams come true, but most importantly someone who is my other half to live our life with.