How I Fell in Love with My Kindle: A Love Story

As you all know I am an avid reader. I'm probably the only person ever who was actually grounded from reading. So very odd, I know. But groundings only work when something you love is taken away. I'm so old that I didn't have a phone to take away, and saying I couldn't go outside or play didn't faze me. Take away reading though and I was devastated! I used to read billboards just to read something!  


Once upon a time I was offered an Amazon kindle as a present. I was vaguely insulted that it was offered honestly. I love the feel of holding a book in my hand, seeing the amount of pages I have left getting smaller and smaller. Ok, that last part is a complete lie. I hate finishing books, but I do try to guess if there will be a sequel! I wanted people to see my impressive library and I love to see the different books I've fallen in love with waiting for me to pick them up and relive them. I love perusing my shelves and picking an old friend, or meeting someone new. How could you get that in a kindle? I also love going to a book store and wandering the aisles as I pick out books to bring home or put back for my next trip. I have way too much fun adding books to my "take home" stack and always cry at the cash register when I get the total. 


I always carry at least one book in my purse. Sometimes I carry two when I think I'll need a back up. Trips always caused some anxiety because I have no idea how many books I'll need. I read so quickly and absolutely devour books that consume me, that I have no way to gauge how many books I'll need. My poor dad would have to lug around my book bag on our travels. One of the first trips I took with my boyfriend had him lugging an entire duffel bag of books through various airports. Subsequent trips had us in the same boat. I always felt super bad for my dad and boyfriend but I feel like they both knew what they were getting into... 


Fast forward to last month when I decided to randomly buy a kindle. I had been tossing around the idea of some sort of portable reading apparatus for quite some time so I didn't enter into this decision too lightly. My options were:  

an ipad

a kindle  

a Nook

I wanted an iPad because I could have both the Kindle and Nook apps and take advantage of both. This was amazing because I didn't have to really make a decision. The unfortunate side effects were the price and the screen wasn't the best in direct sunlight. Oh another plus was I could totally play clash of clans on a bigger screen!  

The Kindle was interesting, but I fought against one for sooo long and since I could have got one fo free as a gift, I wasn't too keen to buy one myself. I loved the adjustable lighting though. 


As with all decisions, you'll soon learn that I can think about something for a long time and not make a move because I am contemplating every possible outcome. In this case, even though I tossed around the idea of an IPad forever, I didn't even really consider the Nook. I don't really have any facts supporting why I chose to discard the Nook from my options, it just felt right. So in the middle of my work day, I bought a kindle. I waited anxiously for two whole entire days before my kindle arrived. When it finally got here I was sooo excited, and then so very disappointed when I saw the box. It was so tiny and weighed nothing and was just a let down. I set up my Kindle which took like two seconds and then let it charge overnight. I started messing with it after work and I haven't been without it since.

All of those are in my kindle!! 

All of those are in my kindle!! 

I am so totally in love. It hasn't left my sight since. I no longer have to pick which books to take and which to leave behind. I can carry huge books around with ease. I no longer have to worry about the total price when I buy a stack of books because I just buy them individually and they are paid for with my debit card that is on file. Ok, this is actually a problem because I don't actually know how much I'm spending on books but I don't think I care very much. (Sorry budget and boyfriend, disappointing the two B's one book at a time since February 2016) but really. I bought a mint case and am totally in business. I still have my actual books in my library and I peruse Barnes and Noble for new finds, then download them on my Kindle with their wifi muahahah. I am not missing out an anything. I am blind as a bat and my kindle adjusts to whatever light I'm in so my eyes don't hurt. I can slip it in my clutch and take it to weddings, and read at work when I need a quick break. It's just fabulous. I love it!  And everyone needs one. It also tracks how fast you read so you know down to the minute how much longer is left in your book. It also shows the percentage of the book you've completed. 



This isn't affiliated with Amazon in any way, in fact they have no idea that I even have a blog nor do they know who I am. I just don't want other readers to miss out on this tiny, perfect portable library. 


Upside down picture of the clutch it fits in!  

Upside down picture of the clutch it fits in!  

This ode to my kindle was way longer than I intended, but I hope you enjoy!!  

How tiny it is!! (And how blind I am!)  

How tiny it is!! (And how blind I am!)