Welcome to Quintessential Miss

Hello there! This is my first official post on my blog and I couldn't be more excited! I started this blog in October but hadn't launched yet. I was waiting for the right time, my space to be perfect, and some awesome content. In true INFJ and libra style I am quite the perfectionist, but also kind of lazy. It took me forever to tweak and twiddle with various items on here. Finally I realized that if I was going to wait for perfection then I was going to be waiting FOREVER! And ain't nobody got time for that! 

My mantra on here is "your journey is purely your own". I've had some pitfalls and crazy things happen in my family and I would get really down when I compared where I was at in regards to others. I'd also be super envious of all these Instagr-amazing lives and swoon worthy bags and shoes. I can't afford Celine or even Loubs. Do I want some?! Well duh, but where I'm at I can't justify spending a mortgage on an item like that. And I don't know if I ever will, and that's ok. I do however love to shop and I adore finding a good deal. 

I wanted to also share who I am as a person for my first post. I'm going to share an insecurity that I've had forever and I don't think I've really shared it with anyone. I have worn glasses since the third grade. Part of my poor eye sight is genetic, I have astigmatism, and the other part is from reading well into the night and not wanting to get caught so I'd use a dim light. In the fourth grade I would wear them to school, take them off once my parents couldn't see me anymore and then put them back on to walk out at the end of the day. My teacher questioned me, but since my grades were impeccable he told me he wouldn't tell on me. Now a million years later, I'm still rocking those frames. I despise taking pictures with them. If I happen to be wearing them I'll take them off for the picture and then I'll put them back on after. Super ridiculous, I know but I just don't like wearing them. Designer frames don't even make me feel better. It's super lame. But there we have it. I don't like my glasses!! Haha 


I hope you guys come back!! Peruse the site and let me know what you love/hate!!  

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