Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

In honor of the second installment's release, here is a quick look back at the original!


I first ran into Red Queen at Barnes and Noble a few weeks ago. I was already carrying a stack of books so I decided to forgo the purchase. Last Monday I found Red Queen at Costco and decided it was fate… Or a popular book, but I digress. 

This books is 383 pages and full of excitement, intrigue, and surprises. It drives me insane when some random oppressed person gets transported into an improbable situation and handles everything with aplomb. They trust the right people, make the right choices, and end up saving everyone. Red Queen isnt like that. Victoria Aveyard tells the story of Mare in a way that makes sense. Mare makes mistakes, trusts people she shouldn’t, gets thrust into a game and she doesn’t even know who the players are. Nothing is cut and dry, nothing is as it seems. Words can lie. It starts off a little slow, but after about 5 pages, I was hooked. It’s non stop action, non stop everything. I’m usually pretty quick to figure out what is going on. For instance I knew that Amazing Amy was psycho 4 chapters into Gone Girl. I had no clue who the villain was in the book. Other than the queen, she’s a bitch. And so is Evangeline. 

Red Queen is a do. A must. A hit. I may die waiting for the next book. I just need to know everything….. And I don’t want to wait!!!