Let's Talk About Finance, Choices, Nordstrom, and Experion

Again, this is a crossover from my old blog. I now use Credit Karma because it is foooo free!! Yay, and that saves me $15 a month! I am currently all about saving that cash! I am currently sitting at a 715 which I am inordinately rpoud of since I didn't have any credit to begin with! I have a super high limit on my credit card too, which is cool. This was last July during Nordstrom's sale.


I am a self professed shopping addict. I live for a sale, and a bargain is definitely something that I have to work to say no to, but I don’t usually say no. And I also enjoy stocking up. Why buy something for full price when I usually have a bunch of different, much better priced options already in my closet? Exactly, I don’t. I already bought them on sale! Yay! 

So if you follow any fashion blogger, chances are like 95% of them are talking about the Nordstrom sale. While I do enjoy expensive things, I don’t have a champagne budget. I do pretty well, I can’t lie, but I also can’t just buy $300 shoes on a whim. Oh well. I can just dream. 

I’ve also been working on my credit. Which honestly I knew nothing about. And it is still kind of confusing. I have lovely parents who bought me whatever I want, for the most part, and taught me to be a savvy shopper. What they never taught me was the b-word, budget, and the s-word, save. I wasn't told what our finances look like when I lived with my parents. Like what do they even mean? Also wtf is a credit score??? I thought, truly, that I got like a good score and then it would go up or down depending on what I did with it. Apparently that isn’t the case and I learned that the hard way when we tried to buy a house and my non existent credit was a hindrance. So that sucks. And I’m naive, but whatever.  

So I got a credit card and keep the balance low or to a zero balance and make a few charges to keep using it. I have been granted two credit limit increases in a short amount of time and I am pretty proud of myself. I paid off my car, but that didn’t move my score as much as I thought. So again, confusion. I signed up for Experion to track my credit score. It’s $15 a month and I can check in at any time via my app to check my score. It isn’t super in depth, but it tells me enough. It’s a slow climb, but what’s hurt it the most is he checking of my credit. We tried a few different lenders and apparently it has been run too much. Darn it. 

So back to where I am now. Scrolling insta and just dying to check out the Nordy’s sale. But in order to do that, you need a credit card. Ugh. Again, wtf? Fack. I just want to shop. However, I don’t want my credit run, and I really have been spending a lot of money on sales. So for now, I am just going to say no. I am going to walk away, I am going to stay strong and not spend. Maybe spending money on stuff within my budget and saving for a trip to Europe would be a much better reward. Or then I will also need a new wardrobe for that trip so maybe not. Darn, a budget and saving and saying no is so hard. Ugh. My life. I also have discovered that I find any excuse to shop. I could be bored, or sad, or happy, or whatever and I can come up with any excuse to make it ok. But I also need to get over that. Spending on a whim isn’t ok, and it’s not mature.

So takeaway: watch your credit, don’t get a million cards, and don’t spend all your money on sales. It’s rough, I know. But this will help later on in life when we want to get another home. So for now, I’m going for a walk to distract myself from insta and sales. 

Till next time!!