Life Updates: Engagement, Moving, and New Paths

Do you ever have so much going on that you don't know where to start? That is pretty much where fiance and I are right now. I have been sooo overwhelmed by everything. I know I promised you some big news months go and then never delivered. Well here is the down and dirty of what has been going on. 

I got a new JOB!!

My old company reached out to me for a position they thought I would be perfect for. I intensely disliked where I was working (more on that later) and jumped at the chance to be back. I am currently doing Community Management for a tech company. I completely love it. I started back in August and hit the ground running. It has been nonstop! I've been to Palo Alto, CA twice and even got to have fiance along with me. 

We are moving!!

I know right?? No words. So with that new job came the caveat that we have to move to San Diego, CA. Everyone has been saying "poor you guys" when we complain and freak out. It isn't that we aren't excited, CA is just so much more expensive than NM. Pus poor fiance also has to figure out a new career path since he can't transfer in his current position. It is just a lot to do right now along with everything else. There are 3 branches in San Diego, so we can't really look for a place to live either. Plus...

We are planning our wedding!!

This one is self explanatory since after an engagement comes a wedding! I thought we were fairly on the ball when we started looking at venues about 11 months out, but apparently I was wrong. A lot of them were already booked. We couldn't believe it. We also couldn't believe how much things cost. It is ridiculous. We are having the wedding in NM so things have been pretty crazy. We have a ton to do before we move and not a lot time. 

That is it for the big news. But health wise...

I started using this app called Talkspace. It matched me with a counselor here in Albuquerque that I essentially text whenever I need to. Our evenings are always jam packed with different things, so this has been really nice. I let her know what is going on and get feedback. We've been tossing around doing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and identifying triggers. January is my 5 year anniversary, but there are so many things I still don't know about PTSD/depression/anxiety. I have made a ton of progress in some instances, but not a lot in others. I try to take it day by day and do what I can to comfort myself. Of course, fiance is always right there with me to hold my hand and encourage me. If you guys want to try it, sign up with this link and get $50 off your first month!