'Tis the Season for a New Planner: 3 Things to Consider

I clearly have quite a bit going on right now as seen in my last post. I love this time of year because I start anew in October. I know, I know, traditionally New Year, New You is in January, but with my birthday at the beginning of October, and the start of the holiday season, what time is better? None. Exactly. Just kidding. I have the memory of an elephant, and the phone savvy of a Millennial. Except I am incredibly forgetful and I adore hand writing everything and then losing the paper scraps. I have my work calendar on my phone which is helpful, but that is about it. It has also taken me this long to make a decision, so it is bound to be good!

 I have tried planners from Target, from Barnes and Noble, stalked Etsy and bloggers to see what they use. Everyone has a different take on it, and that is more than ok. I finally found one I completely adore, but I had to consider 3 things while searching:

  1. What do I need my planner for?
  2. Do I need a different planner for each aspect of my life?
  3. Will I actually want to use a planner?

What do I need my planner for?

What I both love (and kind of hate) is how many different calendars there are: school calendar, fiscal calendar, calendar year, etc. This makes me want at least a new planner every few months. I also have a hard time keeping them all aligned. Since I am no longer in school I really only have to focus on fiscal and calendar, plus I have my day to day work meetings and events. However, with 4 younger siblings and 2 younger future brothers in law I also feel like I should be somewhat up to date on the school calendar as well. Oh!! And a wedding calendar is a thing, because ours is in September which aligns with none of the other calendars. I also probably need to up my game on my blog and social media. Did I also mention that I try to keep track of all my siblings and siblings in laws events? That whole memory of an elephant/forgetful thing comes into play here. I am constantly forgetting what is happening.

Do I need a different planner for each aspect?

I am the quintessential bag lady. I have a bag for every occasion, I have a bag for weekend trips, day trips, my laptop, days when I need more than my laptop, casual, elegant, you name it and I have a bag for it. I do not however, enjoy having 3 different bags when one will suffice so I change constantly depending on what I am doing. After a lot of back and forth, I decided that for an overview of daily living, working, and wedding planning, I do NOT need a planner for each of my many hats. As I get deeper into my "projects", I may need an activity specific planner, but for now one will suffice. 

Will I actually use my planner?

I am notorious for starting projects and never finishing them. (If anyone at my company is reading this, know that this is only a phenomenon that occurs in my personal life. haha) But I am always allllll about a new planner and then I write my name in it and make my birth date realllllly pretty and then I just carry it around until it stays stuck in one of my bags. 

What did I end up with? 

Enter the answer to all my questions and needs: J. Lynn Designery. I found a lifestyle planner, blog planner, devotional planner, meals, wedding planner., everything I could need all on one site. I ended up with the 2017 Refresh Weekly Planner in gray and gold agate. The features are endless and perfect for me. There is enough space for grocery lists, new blog ideas, and little notes. I love that is is a spiral so I can close the book and it isn't spread out. Each week also has cute quotes, which makes me so happy! Since it is the time to be gift buying, a planner would make a great gift for someone on your list, there is something for everyone!! I also loved the personalized thank you card.