What Reading Means to Me

Many of us have quite a few things they are truly talented at. Maybe you're the best at making people laugh, or the best at organization. Whatever it is this is something you're amazing at, something you enjoy doing and is usually one of the first things that pop into someone's head when they hear your name. For me, that has always been reading. In fact my estranged grandmother recently asked if I "still like to read". As if the act of reading for enjoyment is something one can misplace like a set of a pair of gloves or after twenty something years you can grow out of it. 

My parents read to me when I was a baby, and it got to the point where I would memorize the stories so that I could "read" to them as well. Reading seemed so magical, like such a gift and I was so excited to learn how to read. I quickly started reading way above my grade level and my parents were having difficulty finding books that were challenging and age appropriate. They always encouraged me and would constantly buy me new books.

I love getting lost in them. They're a piece of magic you can carry around. They never lose their battery and you discover something new every single time. I've laughed with books, cried with them, and felt utterly and completely lost when they ended. You can live millions of lives within the pages of books, and to me that is the greatest magic of all. You can be anything and everything, omniscient, see inside people's heads, walk thousands of miles without taking a single step.

I understand that reading isn't for everyone, just like math isn't for me, and I couldn't draw a picture to save my life, but I can read.

That is my talent.