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Hi, my name is Ariel.

A wife, a puppy mom, a daughter, a sister, and a friend are a few of the many hats I wear. I have had the privilege of having an amazing life, full of travel, triumphs, and quite a few tears. The idea for writing about the pitfalls and triumphs of my life came to me quite suddenly. I was trying to pinpoint what I am good at, and what others come to me for. I am the advice - giver, shoulder to cry on, patient listener, and and path finder. As the oldest child (of 5), married to an oldest child (of 2) we don't have anyone to show us how things go - our whole lives have been trial and error. Some of it has been amazing, some if it has been hilarious, and some of it has been painful.

So here is Ariel Theresa - think of this site as the older sister you wish you had.